Elder Stories Part 3

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Sharing with Others

Mary liked to grow flowers, but she also loved to share her flowers. She spent time pruning and weeding her flower beds. Mary watched and knew when it was the best time to pick flowers. She would cut some flowers and arrange them into carious containers. Mary liked to share her flower arrangements with people that were ill. She hoped the beauty of the flowers would cheer up others. Mary also hoped her arrangements would remind others that people care about them. Tending to, and arranging flowers that grew in her yard was very rewarding to Mary, but sharing them with others was even more rewarding.

By Grace Williard


The Walker Family

The Walker family of Linda, Bill, Sam, Fred, Lily and Susan went to the lake. They walked along the pier and jumped into the refreshing water. School was out for summer break and they were having fun. Bill claimed the tire to float and play. He paddled around the others. Fred liked to practice jumping into the water. He pinched his nose so no water would go into it. The Walker family likes to vacation here along the lake. It gives them a good chance to practice their swimming skills and cool off on a hot summer day.

By Jeanette Graves


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