Sunday Evening Program


Sunday, May 19 at 7PM

Di Matteo Worship Center

Talent Show

Londonderry Village Auxiliary presents eight inspirational Sunday Evening Programs every year, open to the public and residents. For the beginning of 2019, we’re offering a wide variety of events from brass quartets, to male and female choruses, family band and a close-out event of the year Talent Show that is bound to entertain and delight.

Each Sunday Evening program allows the opportunity of a free will offering to support a campus activity. Our Sunday evening events have funded a variety of things over the last 20 years including a bladder scanner, music therapy headphones, extra strong beds for the people in health care, a range for the kitchen staff and our current 2019 project – 2 Broda chairs for our nursing elders.

Get a taste of the richness and variety of life here, at LV and join us for an evening of fun and soul-feeding.

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