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By Tyler Weaber

“I asked the Lord for a woman who could serve through her piano and accordion, and that is exactly what I got.” Stated Marlin Givens as he recalls the prayer in his heart as he went in search for love in the most unlikely place at the time, on an online dating website.
This story about Marlin and Rosie Givens starts back in May of 2007 where they found themselves recently single after the death of their spouses and realized they wanted more in life.

Both Marlin and Rosie have a strong relationship with God and they both prayed about what would come next in their life. After some convincing from family and friends both Marlin and Rosie signed up for Eharmony, an online dating website. Rosie, who was living in Ohio at the time now says “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever move away from my 3 children to Pennsylvania.”
All of that changed when Marlin messaged Rosie on Eharmony. “We had an instant connection,” says Marlin. They talked on the phone for an hour and a half every single night. However, they couldn’t meet because Marlin was recovering from surgery. “The day the doctor cleared me, my bags had been packed and I hit the road for Ohio to meet Rosie.”

After only a few months of spending time together Marlin and Rosie knew they wanted to marry each other. In September of 2007 they got married in Ohio. The question then remained; where would they live their life, in Ohio near Rosie’s kids or would she move to Londonderry Village where Marlin had been a resident since 2004?
“I was so impressed with the wonderful care the nursing staff provided to my first wife that I knew I didn’t want to live my life anywhere else.” said Marlin.

Rosie had known very little about continued care retirement communities but she had fallen in love with Londonderry Village after she visited. “It has such a family like atmosphere on campus. There are so many friendly faces and the staff actually take the time to get to know you. They are invested in your life, which is wonderful.”
Shortly after they married, Rosie moved from Ohio into Marlin’s duplex at Londonderry Village. They enjoy spending their time on campus with friends and attending events which Marlin comments “There is no way we could attend all of the activities on campus even if we wanted too.”

The couple also serve our elders in nursing care each week by helping to run Scripture and Song and Joyful Sounds. These are two resident run activities that bring together the written word of the Lord accompanied by music which Rosie plays on her accordion and piano. Marlin and Rosie are living a beautiful life together here at Londonderry Village. Marlin says “Never did I think I would find all the wonderful qualities in a woman like I found within Rosie”.

When asked how he felt about falling in love and marrying again he responded with, “God doesn’t move parked cars. You have to make the effort and get out there. God answers prayers and always has a plan for you.”

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