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Jeff’s 2016 Christmas List:

Peace and Grace to the residents of LVBH and their families.

Healing for our country and citizenry after a contentious general election.

Comfort and Healing for all of those members of the LVBH family who have experienced losses and significant changes this year.

Blessings upon the LVBH staff, whose tireless and dedicated efforts are the ‘rock’ upon which this Community is built. Their ministry of service and compassion is an inspiration to me on a daily basis.

Wisdom and conviction for our LVBH Board of Directors, including new members for 2016: Ray Deimler, Jr., and Don Witman. Thanksgiving for the efforts of retiring Board members Pat Castagna and Jeff Davis. Blessings upon the leadership of Board Chair Craig Moyer.

Gratitude for residents, families and volunteers who have a heart for service, and who willingly give of their time and treasure in supporting LVBH.

Direction for the LVBH management team as we seek to lead LVBH through turbulent times. Blessings as we introduce a new name for this organization.

Gratitude for my wife Kristi, our four children, and our Labrador Retriever, Bella.

Peace and the love of Christ for our divided world.

Merry Christmas, everyone,

Jeff Shireman, President

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