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By Tyler Weaber

Bus trips, volunteering, and choir groups are only a few of the ways in which the residents of Londonderry Village stay active. Another way is by use of our fantastic wellness center. Terri, Mary and Grace are the Wellness instructors at Londonderry Village who work together to provide a variety of exciting workout programs that caters to all of our residents needs.

Located inside the Snell Community Center is our “Paul and Carol Boll Wellness Center”, which is open 6 days a week. The Wellness Center includes state of the art cardio and strengthening equipment along with a warm 91° pool and a hot tub that is 102 degrees.
Residents can enjoy the warm water during the various open swim hours they offer or attend one of their water classes run by Terri. “Soothing Sensations” which is recommended for beginners or those with arthritis, aches or pain, is a mild 45-minute class that includes water walking and full range of motion exercises. Terri’s “Wet N Well” water aerobics class includes 30 minutes of exercise that firms, tones and stretches the muscles.

If you are someone who prefers to workout outside of water, stop by the Wellness Center and get a customized workout routine from Mary or Grace who will help you track your results and challenge your daily workouts.
Strength and balance can be a common problem, so Grace offers a class twice a week which is sure to help. The “Strength and Balance” classes have 3 different levels of intensity; Grace helps our residents focus on strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and increasing our residents balance.

“Move and Improve” is another popular workout class that LV offers and is taught by Mary. This 45-minute class focuses on increasing range of motion, strength and our resident’s cardio vascular health. Mary uses a form of circuit interval training to help our residents improve their wellness. If you’re just looking to increase the amount of cardio you do, consider attending Mary’s “IL Fit” class. This 30-minute class consists of mild cardio, strength, endurance and flexibility exercises.
Mary and Grace’s “Walk Fit” class focuses on taking residents on different walking paths that can be outside or inside depending on the weather. It’s a great way to increase your walking and enjoy the company of fellow residents. Two wellness instructors host this class so they can keep up with residents of all speeds.
Regardless of the type of workout you are looking for, Londonderry Villages’ wellness team has a something to offer you. Stop in Monday – Saturday or give them a call at 838-5406 ext. 3211.

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