Community Center

Quiet Neighborhood, Thriving Community

There is always a flurry of activity going on in Londonderry Village’s Snell Community Center. You might find your neighbors dressed in their exercise and pool attire getting ready for a vigorous workout in the gym or ready to take an aerobics class in the pool in our Paul and Carol Boll Wellness Center. If a strength and balancing class or chair yoga is more your forte than stop by our Studio to attend one of the many classes held here.

Most of your neighbors will pass by saying hello while showing friends and family around their community, stopping by the Convenience Store to pick up some last minutes ingredients for a meal they are cooking later in the day.

The DiMatteo Worship Center is a place of worship where church services are held on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings led by our community Chaplain and local ministers from our supporting Churches of the Brethren and local ministers. Often, you will find musical programs, our Lunch ‘n Learn programs, choir groups, Wii bowling tournaments and movies being played in the DiMatteo Worship Center.

Residents with an artistic flare can be found in our Village Art Center located right around the corner from our Business Office. Many levels of art students are always hard at play, creating masterpieces to be displayed on our Artist in Action Wall located near the DiMatteo Worship Center. Every week you will also see neighbors having fun playing all kinds of card games together or maybe playing a game of pool in the Billiards Room.

If working with your hands involves a lathe, nails or other power tools instead of a paint brush, our shop located down on the edge of campus near the original Grubb Barn is available for your woodworking needs. Residents could spend hours tinkering in a wood shop that is complete with every power tool imaginable, a finishing room, a framing room for custom framing, and a room where you can sit and shoot the breeze with a new neighbor and a cup of coffee.

Residents who prefer reading a good book and chatting with friends over coffee will feel right at home in our Stoneback Library, Café and Café Courtyard. Our partnership with the Palmyra Public Library opens a whole new world to more books than we can offer in our beautiful new library. If there is a book you would like to read, and we do not have it on our shelves, you can order it in from the Palmyra Library’s online library system.

Londonderry Village’s theater room welcomes those who are coming to attend a TED (Technology and Education Discussion), having a Bible study or joining a prayer group.

Prescriptions, over the counter medicines, gifts, candy and cards for a special occasion can be found at our Hershey Pharmacy Gift Shop, around across from our Snell Community Center front desk.

Our Village Boutique will help you find clothes to make new again. A place where you can donate clothing items you no longer wish to have in your closet. Once you’re done shopping in the Boutique you can schedule a time to have your hair done or nails painted in our Beauty Shop located right next to the Village Boutique.

At Londonderry Village, everything is convenient, including the administrative offices and the marketing office, should you have questions or need to meet with a staff member. Our staff has an open-door policy for anyone who would like to share a story, ask a question or speak privately about concerns they may have.

We are constantly improving the services we can provide to our residents so that they feel right at home.