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Elder Songs

During these trying times our team has been working diligently to find new activities for our elders in our skilled care to participate in. Below you will find 2 songs that our elders in our Green Houses have [...]

Elder Stories Part 3

Sharing with Others Mary liked to grow flowers, but she also loved to share her flowers. She spent time pruning and weeding her flower beds. Mary watched and knew when it was the best time to pick flowers. She would [...]

Elder Stories Part 2

“Friends at Playtime” An apple a day brings friends together. Laddie, the dog relaxes while two kittens play nearby. The kittens are climbing the steps to bat the apples around. At times the kittens and [...]

It Takes a Village

Tacos, nachos, pulled pork sliders, BBQ chicken, gourmet cupcakes, snow cones and the famous cheesy potatoes were some of the delectable choices that Londonderry Village, with the help of Morrison Senior Living, [...]

Elder Stories Part 1

My Pal Brownie Brownie, a long-haired Dachshund, always found his way into my truck when I visited my buddy, Dennis. Brownie liked to jump into my Ford Ranger and make himself comfortable on the seat right beside [...]


Here are some details about the Good Samaritan Fund (GSF), specifically how much we tend to receive each year in donations, and how those funds are used by Londonderry Village to provide care for our residents. I am [...]

Buddy Society Thank You

Our Buddy Society Today, May 4, was planned to be the day of our Annual Buddy Society Dinner gathering.  Being the right thing to do, our team decided to postpone this event because we care about the safety and [...]

Presidential Thoughts

I was recently asked to participate in the training sessions for the staff who will work in our two new Green Houses. My assigned topics were to review the philosophical underpinnings of the Green House philosophy, [...]

New Things Coming

Well here it is, 2020, already! I hope everybody had a nice Holiday Season and that your families stayed safe and healthy. I am very much looking forward to 2020, mostly because there are a number of new [...]

New Year, New Green Houses

Happy 2020 everyone! Londonderry Village is ringing in the New Year with the opening of two new Green Houses. For those of you who might not know, a Green House is a ranch style home with ten private bedrooms and [...]