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Presidential Ponderings

After more than 40 years of working in long term care, I have adjusted to the seasonality of how our organization functions. For instance, we are now in the midst of our key fundraising months. In less than a 90-day [...]

Presidential Pondering’s

A few months after I started working here (in 2004), I was invited to join a few of our res-idents to play pickleball. In truth, I had never heard of pickleball before that, and I didn’t even know we had a [...]

July Presidential Ponderings

Several years ago my wife, Kristi, and I were “church shopping” for a new congregation to call our personal church home. In truth, it was not an experience that we enjoyed, for we found ourselves thinking about a [...]

Presidential Pondering’s

In my 19 years at the helm of Londonderry Village, we have certainly had our shares of ups and downs. In 2005 through 2008, the Village experienced the joy of bringing our first four Green Houses online, as well as [...]