Londonderry Village has a long tradition of providing healthcare services to older adults in a way that demonstrates Christian love and compassion.  We strive to follow our faith-based heritage of ethical and moral decision making in the care we provide.  This heritage enables us to share our values with the elders we serve.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and being impacted by numerous laws and regulations.  Our Compliance and Ethics Program supports Team Members in making the right decisions and complying with these laws and regulations.  The Code of Conduct represents the primary focus for our Compliance and Ethics Program and not only reflects our heritage and values but also serves as a bold statement that influences how we enhance an elder’s quality of life.

The Compliance and Ethics Program and the Code of Conduct exist to guide our normal decisions that are both ethical and compliant with applicable laws, statutes, and regulations.  Our Code of Conduct does not replace each person’s obligation in making wise, fair, and honest decisions.  It is intended to explain our personal and organizational responsibility and to reflect those areas in which improper or unwise decisions can harm our entire organization and impair our commitment to share Christian love and compassion to those we serve.

Our Code of Conduct is available for viewing here.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Pennsylvania Taglines for Section 1557 Compliance


Healthcare Admissions Policy