Green Houses

Real Family Environment

Geared towards our elders who require 24-hour skilled nursing care, Londonderry Village’s six Green Houses® are stand-alone homes that accommodate up to 10 residents per home. Each resident has his or her own private bedroom and private bathroom. The 7,000-square-foot home provides an open floor plan where residents and staff can engage in meaningful conversation, develop a close-knit family relationship, participate in various activities, and dine together as a family.

Each staff who works in the Green Houses® is called a Shahbaz. These are all-around workers who provide many services for our residents, including personal care, meal planning, preparation and serving, activities, laundry services and even light housekeeping. Every Shahbaz completes special training to be certified as a Shahbaz in a specific home.

Residents of Londonderry Village Green Houses® will not find nurses’ stations, medication carts, regimented meal times or other things you might find in a traditional nursing home. Instead, our highly trained nurses have an office in each home, medications are kept in a built-in locked cabinet in each resident’s room, and residents are free to eat what they want to eat, when they want to eat, just like home.

Because they are home.

Staff and residents work as a team to create the type of home environment that is desired by the residents living in that home. When family and friends come to visit, they are welcomed not as visitors, but as family and friends in the home.

Please check the nursing page for rate information. The room rate in the Green House® would be the daily rate of a private room. For more information regarding The Green House® please click on this link for more information: