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By Tyler Weaber

“I absolutely love it here. The residents and employees are so friendly” says Marjorie Light, our campus Massage Therapist. Marjorie, who started working at Londonderry Village in February of 2016, is located in the massage therapy room right next to our Leffler Care front desk.

Marjorie started her career in massage therapy in the fall of 2000 when her good friend suggested it to her. In spring of 2001, Marjorie finished her schooling in massage therapy at the “Lancaster School of Massage.” She went on to take her test and become a State Licensed Massage Therapist. She has worked at several companies such as the Good Samaritan Hospital and The Hershey Company, where she was employed to give chair massages as a company perk. For the last several years, Marjorie worked from a spa-like room she setup in her house where she takes appointments by request.

Marjorie now works part-time on campus as our massage therapist, Tuesday-Thursdays. She offers a variety of relaxing/healing massages such as Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone and cupping. Her massages range from $15-$60 depending on the length of your massage. Her services are not only for residents who come to see her either to relax or to help with trouble areas such as sore joints, muscles, and pain from arthritis, but she also offers her services for our employees, who receive a special employee discount. “Since I am part-time, I am very flexible and can work around resident and employee schedules.”

Marjorie enjoys what she does and loves the interaction with the residents. On any given week, she can have up to five regular appointments that come to use her services along with other residents seeking relief from reoccurring pain and discomfort.
Gift cards for Marjorie’s services can be purchased by family or staff members from Barb Kreider, Leffler Care receptionist. She can be reached at 838-5406 Ext. 3009.

Call Marjorie today to schedule your massage. She can be reached at 717-838-5406 ext. 3203

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