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Walk Across America
By Tyler Weaber

Henry David Thoreau said “An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day” and that is exactly how residents here at Londonderry Village are starting their days thanks to a new exciting challenge presented by our wellness team.

Terri, Grace and Mary are our 3 wellness instructors that we are lucky to have here on campus. In between creating customized workouts, coaching staff in healthy diets and nutrition and teaching an array of workout classes each week, they work together to create new ways to get our residents involved in their own wellness.

Earlier this summer, the wellness team hosted a “Health Safety Prevention” meeting to showcase the importance of walking. During this event they talked about our new ½ mile walking path that was built by the gardens down near our barn. For those walkers who are more ambitious, the team also mapped out 1 mile and 1 ½ mile walking paths outside as well.
At this presentation about 55 resident showed up to learn how you can improve your health just by walking more. At the end of the this meeting the team announced their “Walk Across America” challenge. This was a great way to get all of our residents involved in a team-like setting to walk more and achieve a common goal.

The Walk Across America challenge started on August 1st. It is roughly 5,048 miles across the United States. Pedometers could be purchased for $5 from the wellness team as a way for participants to more easily track their steps. In our Paul and Carol Boll Wellness Center the team has hung a map of the United States with a mapped out route through the center of the country. As residents work together to log more miles the marker on the map progresses across the country. So far, over 30 residents have been logging their miles walked. The wellness team has posted specific historic landmarks that the team would be seeing along their journey. So far they have seen areas such as Cape Henlopen in Delaware, they have crossed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and have stopped to see Pike Lake State Park in Ohio. In the past 21 days the Walk Across America team has already logged over 1,000 miles.

Enrollment is still open. This is an ongoing exciting challenge and they are always looking for more residents to participate. To join in on the fun or for more information contact the wellness team at ext. 3211.

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