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Our Buddy Society

Today, May 4, was planned to be the day of our Annual Buddy Society Dinner gathering.  Being the right thing to do, our team decided to postpone this event because we care about the safety and well-being of our elders, donors and staff.  While we are unable to personally gather today we want our Buddy Society members to know that our appreciation is ever-present.

Since its start over ten years ago, the Buddy Society has experienced wonderful growth, starting with 33 original charter members in 2009 and currently being blessed with over 120 active members.

While financial support is important, the impact of the Buddy Society is about more than just providing financial support to elders in need.  At the very heart of the benevolent care our donors make possible, is the ability to uphold quality of life and dignity for a generation that paved the way for those who followed.  Benevolent care donations honor and give back to elders who gave much of themselves over many, many years.  Our elders were there over the years to lift those in need.  And now, our Buddy Society members are there to lift them in their time of need.  Thank you to our Buddy Society Members for ensuring high quality care is available to our elders at this time in their lives.   We are grateful for the support, kindness, trust and most importantly the commitment given to our mission and ministry.

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