Covid Vaccine Comes to the Village

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Residents of Londonderry Village were given the opportunity to receive the Moderna Covid vaccine from the campus’ on-site pharmacy, Hershey Long-term Care Pharmacy.  On January 27th and January 28th, the much anticipated vaccine was administered to 377 Independent Living residents.


Residents of the retirement community had been asking for several weeks if Londonderry Village was going to make the vaccine available to residents on-site.  Working closely with Chuck Kray, owner and operator of both the Hershey Pharmacy and the on-site pharmacy at Londonderry Village, the administration at the retirement community was able to organize a clinic for its residents. Approximately seventy-five percent of the campus’ independent living population received their first doses at the retirement community’s campus.


On the day of the clinic, members of the Londonderry Village and Hershey Pharmacy staff worked in tandem to run an efficient clinic where, on average, fifteen residents were vaccinated every fifteen minutes.


Resident Services Director and organizer of the clinic, Mary Lee Harpel said, “We are surrounded by a beautiful appreciative LV family. I could not have been happier for the large turnout receiving the vaccine. We are looking out for each other to remain safe during this unprecedented time in all our lives. This is a community that loves, cares and actively lives life well!”


Previously, Londonderry Village offered the Pfizer vaccine through CVS to its staff, and to its elders in Personal Care and Skilled Nursing Care.  Over 200 healthcare residents and staff members received their first and second doses in the month of January.


Londonderry Village President Jeff Shireman noted that, We have had an admirable track record of resisting the damages spread by covid-19 during the pandemic, but receiving the vaccines is a necessary first step in moving the community back to a semblance of normality in 2021.”




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