Elder Stories Part 2

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“Friends at Playtime”

An apple a day brings friends together. Laddie, the dog relaxes while two kittens play nearby. The kittens are climbing the steps to bat the apples around. At times the kittens and Laddie play together, but at this moment Laddie doesn’t care what the kittens are doing. He is content, happy on his lone step. Laddie is focused on something in the distance. Laddie is ignoring the kittens. So far the kittens are ignoring Laddie too. The gardening gloves and tools are ready for grammy to work in the flower beds. Grammy is finishing cleaning up from breakfast. Obviously grammy has a green thumb looking at her very healthy potted plants, fruits and vegetables.

By Norma Eyster


“Looking for a New Home”

Socks, who has bright eyes and pretty ears, is looking straight at me. He is waiting for me to pat him on the head. Socks is wishing I would take him home. His eyes are sparkling, twinkling. Socks is so alert; he is wide awake; no nap for him right now. It is so unusual for a dog to look directly to me. I wonder how Socks would get along with a sheltie? He is hearing every word I am saying. Perhaps Socks is a terrier. I think he needs a companion and a new home because he wants to be loved and be provided with good care. Am I that new companion?

By Doris Creswell & Ruthann Ressler (TR assistant)

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