Join us in the Flourish Campaign!

This a special and important moment in the life of our Londonderry Village community!  We ask and pray for your support.

Throughout our 40-year history, Londonderry Village’s mission and our ministry have focused on providing the highest quality of care through a full continuum of services. In 2008, we became the first in the mid-Atlantic to embrace the highly acclaimed Green House® model. As a result, we have served countless Elders in an intimate, personalized environment where relationships have been built and Elders have thrived. In addition, our ministry calls us to place a very high priority on benevolent care to help cover the cost of care for those who can no longer afford to pay all of their own expenses. Our residents have peace of mind knowing that help is available should they outlive their financial resources.

Through the Flourish Campaign we seek to significantly expand these two important aspects of our ministry -Green House® care and current and permanent Benevolent Funding.

These objectives will be met through charitable gifts, multiyear pledges and through new or increased planned gifts from family and friends of Londonderry Village, like you.
We eagerly anticipate your partnership in this undertaking. Together, we can protect, nurture, and sustain those we serve today and in the future. With your help, we will flourish together!