Presidential Ponderings July 2022

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As I have noted on previous occasions, we are now travelling through that stage of the pandemic where we are learning how to live safely with the corona-virus. We regularly wear our masks when we interact in indoor situations, and most of us have received vaccinations and booster shots that prevent serious illness if we do become infected. But given that the virus is still very much with us, how can we safely return to some of our favorite activities? We go outdoors!

The infectious disease experts have consistently stated that being outdoors is one of the safest places to be. The natural outdoor air currents are very efficient at dispersing airborne virus particles, thus greatly reducing the viral load that any one person might experience if they do cross paths with an infected person.

This spring and Summer, Londonderry Village has resumed many of the annual events that we regularly held previously…until the pandemic hit and we had to cancel them or shift to virtual formats. This year we decided to go outside!

In May, the annual Mother’s Day Butterfly Release returned to its previous format, albeit at the Shearer Family PlayPark; the rain clouds held off just long enough for the butterflies to take flight before an appreciative crowd of attendees.
Later that month, we had beautiful weather for our annual Buddy Society Dinner, which was held under a large tent and which drew about 120 Society members for a memorable steak and crabcake dinner. The following day we said thank you (under the same tent!) to our dedicated volunteers at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation luncheon.

Moving into June, the first of five outdoor band concerts over the summer months took place under another tent; a lively crowd of residents and Palmyra neighbors appreciated the tuneful stylings of the Lebanon Big Swing Band. Lastly, on June 16th, we had nearly 100 donors attend an outdoor celebration marking the end of our Flourish Capital Campaign, as well as a dedication ceremony for the Sweigart And Stoneback Haven Green Houses. It was good to be outside, and good to be together again.

Thanks for listening,

Jeff Shireman, CEO

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