Elizabeth Lentz

    It’s no secret that teachers have a passion for learning, and retired school teacher Elizabeth Lentz is continuing her lifetime of learning. Her move to Londonderry Village has taught her many things about the retirement community lifestyle, and she is now educating her friends about the opportunity when they come to visit her.

    “This community is alive!” exclaims Lentz when she describes her “almost Utopia lifestyle” neighborhood.

    Having taught second and fourth grade for 30 years – including teaching social studies to homebound students through eighth-graders – one would think that in retirement Lentz would want to relax, but that could not be further from the truth. Lentz finds that there are so many ways to be involved on campus. She continues her love of giving back by volunteering.

    As a Hospice volunteer, Lentz could not wait to discover her new community and give back to others.

    Worried about how she and her sweet dog, Mickey, would meet people, Lentz found herself at peace when she moved in when her neighbors came to her and invited her to game night. These relationships blossomed as she would take Mickey out for walks and meet people who live on campus who also have dogs. This created close relationships, and together they would take walks with their dogs.

    Another reason Lentz moved to Londonderry Village is because of her grandkids. Though Lentz had decided she did not want the responsibilities of taking care of a home anymore, she started researching other communities. It was Lentz’s daughter who found and suggested looking at Londonderry Village, since it would be close to her and her family. Lentz loves spending time with her grandchildren and brings them to her apartment on campus often.

    “I love my apartment. I can help out my daughter and really enjoy being a grandmother to my grandchildren now that I live at Londonderry Village. When my daughter calls and asks to pick up one of my grandkids from school because they are ill, I readily agree. I love being able to bring them here, cook for them, play games and tuck them under a blanket on my sofa when they need some TLC.” says Lentz.

    Lentz comments that society has a very “I” personality, but she loves that people living here allow her to be herself and accept her for who she is. “I love the feel of the Christian community. There is so much to learn and I am at peace.”