Larry & Judy Mongold

    Most couples remember how they met, but none may be as sweet as how Larry and Judy Mongold met years ago.

    Larry was a mechanic working on the Kit Kat line where Judy was packing candy. They would chat every now and again and then go about their day. One day, Judy noticed that Larry kept a piece of cardboard in his pocket that he would take out every now and again, jot something down and then put it back in his pocket and go about his work. She became curious and asked what he was writing down. His reply was that in order to find out what was on the piece of card board, she had to go out with him to the Salty Dog after work, and of course, Judy agreed.

    Low and behold, Larry had been writing a poem about Judy on that piece of card board. Today that piece of cardboard is gone, but Larry rewrote the poem (which he has memorized) on beautiful paper, which is framed and on display in their home at Londonderry Village.

    As time passed living in their larger home with acreage, upkeep became cumbersome and the thought of downsizing came to mind. After much discussion, they chose to move to an active community that provided a maintenance-free lifestyle but also had further care if necessary. A good friend of theirs had completed a comprehensive study of all the types of lifestyles within a 50-mile radius, and as it turned out for the Mongolds that Londonderry Village had the best value for the type of community they were looking for.

    “We love the convenience of everything being right here,” said the Mongolds.

    A couple who is very active and loves life found that they could continue their hobbies in the Londonderry Village community. Larry, who has a love of working in the woodshop building furniture and household items, also spends time on the golf course and enjoys dancing with Judy. Judy, on the other hand, has a green thumb and enjoys gardening, bird watching, exercising in our fitness center, reading and dancing.

    “You can be as involved as you wish,” state the Mongolds. “We love riding bike on a level surface like campus and we enjoy going to social events.”

    The Mongolds chose to take a year to get situated in their new neighborhood and then get involved in volunteering. It turns out, they found their niche and were involved right away. They both enjoy the social atmosphere that volunteering lends itself to. Larry enjoys gardening veggies in the large garden by the barn, and Judy had a blast helping the yard sale committee get ready for their yearly sale.

    Finding it easy to make friends in the community, the Mongolds could not think of a better place to live. “We love it here,” they said.” We could not be happier. We are settled in and call Londonderry Village our home. We feel like we are part of the campus family.”