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This past month Londonderry Village held its second vaccination clinic for our independent living residents, and it was even more successful than the first. Over 370 residents received their second dose of Moderna vaccine, and another 30 residents received their first dose of the vaccine. Added to the number of residents who have obtained vaccinations at other locations, we believe that nearly 95% of our independent living residents will soon be “fully immunized” against covid-19. That is fantastic!

It is a sad testament to the deprivations of this past year that the vaccination clinics were actually pretty popular social occasions. It was great to see and talk to so many of you whom I have not encountered in many months, and you seemed to feel that way about your fellow residents, as well! Hopefully something approaching normalcy is not too far around the corner.

I cannot recall an event at Londonderry Village that received as much favorable feedback as the two vaccination clinics. The residents I talked with were very happy to be able to not only receive vaccine shots, but they were even more pleased to be receiving their vaccinations on the same campus where they live. Many residents also told me how grateful they were for all of the actions that Londonderry Village had taken during the pandemic to keep everyone safe!

I have always maintained that moving to Londonderry Village is not a real estate decision…it is a lifestyle decision. Folks can always purchase a house in a “55+” community that has walking paths and “one-floor living”, but those communities do not offer the many supports that Londonderry Village offers. Will they medically screen visitors and staff as we do? Do they send a maintenance person over when your plumbing is leaking? Will they send emergency responders when you press a button? Do they have healthcare services available when you need them? And during a pandemic, will they do your grocery shopping for you, deliver chef-prepared meals to your door, and schedule on-site vaccination clinics? {And lastly, do they have a pickleball court!} I think not! If you want the peace of mind that comes with a full service caring community, Londonderry Village is the place to be.

Thanks for listening,
Jeff Shireman, President

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